Benzyl Benzoate BP

Benzyl benzoate is the organic compound with the formula C14H12O2. It is the ester of benzyl alcohol and benzoic acid. It forms either a viscous liquid or solid flakes and has a weak, sweet-balsamic odor. It occurs in a number of blossoms (e. g. tuberose, hyacinth).


Benzyl benzoate is used as an acaricide, scabicide, and pediculicide in veterinary hospitals. It is also a repellent for chiggers, ticks, and mosquitoes. Other uses of benzyl benzoate are dye carrier, solvent for cellulose derivatives, plasticizer, and fixative in the perfume industry.  It is an effective and inexpensive topical treatment for human scabies.


Chemical Name: Benzyl Benzoate
Mol. Formula: C14H12O2
Mol. Weight: 212.2 g/mol
CAS No: 120-51-4


General Specifications

Test Specification…BP
Characters Colourless or almost colourless crystals or colourless or almost colourless, oily liquid.


Practically insoluble in water, miscible with ethanol (96%), with methylene chloride and with fatty and essential oils.
Acidity Specified test
Relative density Between 1.118 to 1.122.
Refractive index Between 1.568 to 1.570.
Freezing point Minimum 17.0 °C
Sulfated ash Maximum 0.1%
Assay Not less than 99% and more than 100.5%


Shelf life, Storage and Packing

It should be stored in a segregated area in a cool and ventilated place away from combustible materials. Keep in a tightly closed container, sealed until ready for use. It is packed in 25kg or 50kg HDPE bags or drums as required.


GLP, cGMP (FDA) Approved, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 17025, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, FSSAI, Halal and Kosher certified.
We observe WHO Good manufacturing practice and Good laboratory practice.

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